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Kykeon Analytics is a public service initiative that provides analytical solutions for harm reduction in the field of newly emerging chemical entities. We work with users and organizations. We create Spectral Libraries to provide researchers and organizations with the tools they need to save lives and advance science, free of charge. We also offer a testing service for users at competitive prices. Furthermore, we do an anonymous monitoring of the market to detect adulteration, mislabeling and novel substances, publishing warnings when dangerous substances are found

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Our services

For users: substance analysis service

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If you are interested in having a sample tested, go to our shop! Through the use of techniques such as NMR, LC-MS and FTIR, we can identify and quantify compounds present in your sample for a very competitive price. A detailed report and spectra can be provided. For more info, visit the Analytical Services section

For organizations: spectral libraries, training and tools

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If you work with harm reduction, contact us so we can provide you our FTIR and NMR spectral libraries. We aim to help harm reduction workers by facilitating training, tools and spectral data for the analysis of classic, as well as novel drugs or NPS. For more information, visit our Services For Organizations section

For the community: market monitoring

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In our ongoing harm reduction work, we closely track the constantly growing market of new psychoactive substances. This lets us quickly detect and analyze new substances, adding them to spectral databases. Additionally, we test unscheduled chemical entities to find potential adulterants, promoting public safety by alerting about toxic or fraudulent substances our studies uncover. For more info, visit our Market Monitoring section



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