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Kykeon Analytics is a public service initiative that provides analytical solutions for harm reduction in the field of newly emerging chemical entities. We create spectral libraries to provide organizations and researchers with the tools they need to save lives and advance science. The services are available free of charge.

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Creating quality analytical spectra libraries

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Kykeon Analytics uses advanced analytical techniques to identify and characterize unknown psychoactive agents. These techniques include nuclear magnetic resonance, infrared spectroscopy, liquid chromatography, and mass spectrometry. The company creates spectral libraries to rapidly identify unknown samples, reducing the time and cost associated with manually identifying novel chemicals. These libraries are helpful for community workers and researchers.

Harm reduction

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Providing tools to help harm reduction associations, paramedics, and forensic teams identify unknown drug samples in the field. In field interventions we focus on the use of HPLC-UV, TLC and FTIR, while at our lab we also add other techniques such as MS and NMR. We aim to provide spectral data for novel, so-called designer drugs in order to help community workers identify these substances and save time in emergency situations.

Novel chemical entities monitoring

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As part of our harm reduction efforts, we continuously monitor developments in the ever-expanding market of newly emerging psychoactive compounds. This allows us to rapidly identify novel substances with suspected bioactivty, and to analytically characterize their digital profiles and include them in spectral databases. In addition, we also conduct test purchases of unscheduled new chemical entities in order to identify any possible adulterants in these samples and to contribute to the safety of the public by issuing early warnings about any toxic contaminants or fraudulent misrepresentations that our analyses reveal.


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If you want to see all our results, please visit the results page. Below are some selected warnings of adulterated samples we found during our routine analysis.

get-rc.to selling dangerously mislabelled benzodiazepines: highly potent flubromazolam found
Mislabeled Ephenidine!

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