Fake suppliers and other scams

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Types of scams

1- Shops that never ship the products

We often find shops that are quick to respond to our initial questions but after payment has been made, they never respond and do not ship the products.

2- Shops that pretend to ship the samples

Other shops display more elaborate scams. One example of such a website, buypurechemicals.com, pretends to ship the sample and sends the tracking link of a supposed courier service, airexpresspost. After a couple of days, we received an email from this company asking us to pay a 'refundable safety deposit' of 400 USD to get our shipment delivered. Of course, if we pay, we never receive the sample. The sample simply doesn't exist; this is an elaborate scam.

3- Shops that deliver fake, mislabeled or adulterated products

This is the more common type of problem we see in our market analysis. This may be deliberate in order for them to get more money, but it may also be that the suppliers themselves have been scammed. It may also happen that mistakes with labeling substances occur.

How to avoid scams

1- Use your critical thinking

If a clearnet shop is selling controlled products, if products are way too cheap, if the store seems to have a gigantic list of substances in stock, chances are they are probably a scam.

2- Find reviews

Unsatisfied customers will often try and warn others. Websites like Trustpilot may have reviews of the shop you are interested in. If you are purchasing from other sources such as Telegram groups or the deep web, try and find honest reviews, ideally from someone you know.

3- Make small purchases

Don't make big purchases, especially if this is your first time using a particular shop. Start with a small amount.

4- Test your sample

Regardless of previous reviews or even published analysis such as the ones we provide, remember that different batches from even the same vendor may be of different quality. ALWAYS test your substances. If you cannot afford to send to a lab such as ours, then we at least recommend you to TEST AT HOME. Also feel free to contact us at office@kykeonanalytics.com if you want to hire our services. Also remember to check our RESULTS page.

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