For organizations: spectral libraries, training and tools


We aim to help harm reduction workers by facilitating training, tools and spectral data for the analysis of classic drugs, as well as novel drugs or NPS

WHAT can we provide your organization:

1- Spectral libraries: We create spectral libraries for FTIR and NMR. We can provide you with an FTIR library in Thermofisher/Omnic, Bruker/Opus as well as individual spectral files in .JDX format. This is provided free of charge, in Creative Commons license. If your team uses a system by a different manufacturer we can also work with you to create a library that is taylor made for your system. As of June 2023, our library contains 150+ spectra and is constantly being updated. If you are also working with benchtop NMR, we can provide you with a novel solution for identifying and quantifying substances automatically using the CosmicTruth software. Please contact us if you want more information.

2- Training Whether you are just starting your harm reduction project or whether you need help with training workers and volunteers, we are happy to help you. We can provide in in person, in lab and online training for new harm reductionists and FTIR operators.

3- Advisory help Are you thinking about buying new equipment or expanding your project but are unsure what to do? We can help you decide…

WHO can benefit from our services

Organizations worldwide can contact us if you desire to know more about our services, are interested in our libraries or any other questions you may have. We are here to assist.

You want to know more? 

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