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For users:
Substance Analysis Service

Nov 2023

HOW to test samples:

Go to OUR SHOP if you want to hire our analysis services.

You will be taken through the steps as can be seen the flow chart below.

WHAT Samples That Can Be Tested:

Our testing capabilities encompass a wide range of small molecules, including psychoactive drugs, supplements, and steroids. We can also analyze plant preparations such as herbs, roots and fungi for their active ingredients, as well as test for any pesticide residues on them.

We cannot receive nor test live plants, human biological material, bio-hazard, radioactive, explosive or other such material.

Whether you need to analyze a newly synthesized compound, a dietary supplement, an unidentified substance, or a plant product, our experts can assist you in unraveling their molecular composition. We cannot test very large molecules like human growth hormone or other proteins or peptides. We neither test for heavy metals at this point.

Any material sent must be well packaged, labelled as per instructions given after payment, and must be sent only in small analytical amounts.

If you are in doubt, please don´t hesitate in emailing us at

Kykeon Lab

WHO Can Send Samples:

Clients worldwide are welcome to utilize our services; however, it is the client´s responsibility to comply with their local laws and regulations. We are not responsible for knowing local laws where the user is located. We follow all of the local laws at Kykeon Analytics location.

Sample Quantity Requirements:

For most analyses, we recommend providing approximately 30-50 milligrams of the sample. However, if qualitative results are sufficient for your needs, a smaller quantity may be suitable. For instance, the analysis of a single blotter or just 1 milligram of the substance can yield informative results. Our experienced team optimizes sample usage while ensuring reliable and accurate outcomes.

Pricing and Method of Payment:

We offer 3 type of analysis, as explained in our shop:

- Simple qualitative test - 20e

- Full qualitative test - 60e

- Full qualitative plus quantitative test - 80e

- Plants and mushrooms full quantitative and qualitative test - 100e

If you want to do more than 10 analysis, please contact us, so we offer you a special price.

You can pay with credit card, bitcoin, monero or paypal. Bank transfer is also possible, please email us if you want this option.

Analytical Tests Performed:

At Kykeon Analytics, we employ a comprehensive range of tests to examine your samples thoroughly. Our methodologies include LC-MS, NMR, and FTIR analyses. LC-MS combines chromatography and mass spectrometry to separate, identify, and quantify individual components. NMR spectroscopy allows us to determine molecular structures and connectivity, while FTIR spectroscopy aids in identifying functional groups and confirming molecular compositions. Whether you require qualitative or quantitative results, our proficient team can accommodate your specific requests. If you want an example of how we provide the results and a view of our reports, please visit our shop for more info.

For all the analysis that we perform when doing our market monitoring, and for unknown samples sent by users that do not request a specific methodology, we follow the methodology flow as shown below:

You want to know more?

Contact us:

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Also remember to check our RESULTS page for analytical results of samples acquired during market monitoring

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