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We are glad to note the increasing number of drug checking projects and services across the world, along with the advancements in the technologies being used. In recent years, the adoption of Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy, also known as FTIR, for rapid substance identification has expanded significantly.

Fortunately, there are dedicated organizations in this field who provide free access to libraries of FTIR spectra and are committed to regularly updating these resources. However, the identification of new compounds emerging on the market remains a challenge. To address this limitation, we maintain a library of FTIR spectra focused on newly emerging and uncommon psychoactive compounds that are not found in standard libraries, complementing and expanding existing resources

We update this library regularly with new spectra and offer it free of charge to organizations, projects, and harm reduction services utilizing FTIR technology.

We require all users and organizations to sign an agreement stipulating that the free library will not be used for law enforcement or commercial purposes. If you wish to use the library for commercial purposes, please contact us for pricing options. Additionally, should you wish to share the library with others, they must also agree to these terms and provide a contact email. This allows us to keep all users informed with updates.

The current version is June 2024 and contains 276 substances.

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