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What is Harm Reduction?

Harm reduction refers to policies, programs, and practices aimed at minimizing the negative health, social, and legal impacts associated with drug use, drug policies, and drug laws. It is grounded in justice and human rights, focusing on positive change and on working with people who use drugs (PWUD) without prejudice, stigmatization, or discrimination. Learn more about the Harm Reduction principles that guide our work.

What is Drug Checking?

Drug checking is a harm reduction tool that involves analyzing substances to identify their composition and purity. It aims to provide individuals with accurate information about what they are consuming and helps to minimize the potential risks and health hazards associated with unknown or mislabelled substances. Moreover, drug checking programs also contribute to a better understanding of the unregulated drug market.

How can I test my drugs?

You can test your drugs at home by using testing kits or by accessing drug checking services. Home testing kits, like reagent tests or immunoassay strips, provide a preliminary analysis of the substance's composition but they are never a guarantee and can miss many potentially dangerous substances. For a more comprehensive analysis, drug checking services use more accurate techniques like FTIR (Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy), liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry (LC-MS) or Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GCMS) among others.

Where can I test my drugs?

You can test your drugs at various locations led by harm reduction organizations, health service providers, or through community-based programs located in the United States, Canada and Europe. You can also test your drugs anonymously at Kykeon Analytics by utilizing our mail-in service that allows you to send your sample from anywhere in the world. Detailed instructions and support are provided to ensure that the process is straightforward secure and anonymous.

Why is Drug checking important?

Drug checking directly contributes to harm reduction by providing individuals with crucial information about the substances they intend to use. It helps in identifying potentially dangerous adulterants, unexpected potency, or mislabelled substances, thereby reducing the risk of overdose, poisoning, and other adverse health effects. By providing education about substance use and by promoting informed decision-making, drug checking plays a vital role in enhancing the safety and well-being of people who use drugs (PWUD).

What are some steps I can take myself to reduce the risk of drugs?

Here are some basic steps you can take to mitigate risks:
Educate Yourself: Knowledge is power. Learn about the substances you are considering to use. Inform yourself about their effects, potential risks, and usual dosages. Reliable sources include harm reduction websites such as Erowid or PsychonautWiki, the scientific literature (original publications are usually best), and materials from health organizations.
Check Your Drugs: Use home testing kits or drug checking services to gain some insight into what you are taking and avoid consuming adulterated or unexpectedly potent substances. We offer an anonymous mail-in drug checking service which you can access here.
Practice Safe Use: Use clean personal equipment if injecting or inhaling substances to prevent infections and infectious disease.
Start with Small Doses: If you decide to use a substance, start with a small dose and wait to see what its effects are before considering to take more. This is crucial for substances with which you are unfamiliar or whose potency can vary (such as mushrooms).
Stay Hydrated and Nourished: Ensure you're well-hydrated and have eaten adequately before using substances, especially in settings where you might dance or be active for extended periods.
Try to Not Use Alone: Try to consume your substances in the presence of another person whom you trust and who is prepared to help you or call for help should you need it. Make sure your companion knows how to recognize the signs of overdose and how to react in a medical emergency. If using opiates make sure to have Naloxone (Narcan) on site and confirm that your companion knows how to administer it.

Do the results of your market monitoring guarantee that a vendor is safe?

No. While our regular market monitoring work involves rigorous analysis and data collection to provide insights into market trends, vendor performance, and potential risks associated with various vendors, the analyses are only valid for the particular sample that we analyzed. The sample that arrives in our lab may not be representative of the material that is distributed by the vendor as chemical purity can vary from sample to sample and batch to batch. Furthermore we also do not have the resources to test a vendor’s entire catalog of products, so there is always the possibility that some of the products that we did not test are mislabeled or otherwise problematic.

I came across a vendor that is not in your table or database, can you test this vendor please?

Sure! You can suggest either a vendor or a substance through the following online form or by contacting us directly.

I want to get involved with harm reduction. Where should I start?

Start by finding out if there are risk and harm reduction organizations in your city or country that you can collaborate with (check out organizations in the United States, Canada and Europe).
If you are in a city or country where no project exists, why not start a project? Kykeon can help you.
If you would like to collaborate with Kykeon Analytics, contact us. We welcome people with a diverse background, whether it’s social (social education, social work, psychology, law...), scientific (chemistry, medicine, pharmacy,...) or artistic (illustration, graphic design, social media,..). We also welcome inquiries by people who do not have a background in any of these areas but who are passionate about harm reduction and want to contribute while learning some valuable skills along the way. We’d love to hear from you!

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What substances can Kykeon Analytics test for?

Our lab is equipped to analyze a wide range of substances from plants to chemicals including psychoactive substances. We can test supplements, nootropics, pharmaceuticals, substances, plant preparations, tinctures, pills, powders, liquids, blotters, fungi, extracts, and more. We can also analyze products for pesticide residues or other toxic additives.
Our advanced analytical methods can quantify the major component of the sample and can identify all active ingredients, even in trace amounts.
We do not analyze physically dangerous substances such as radioactive material, biological samples or biohazardous samples.

How long does it take to get the results?

We will perform the analysis of your sample within one week of it arriving in our lab. You can track the progress of the analysis in your personal analysis hub, via the link you received after placing an order for the analysis. We cannot control the shipping time of your sample to our lab, so we suggest that you ship your sample with a fast shipping option with tracking so we can begin analyzing your sample as soon as possible and give you your results in a timely manner.

How should I prepare my sample for shipping?

Please follow the instructions in the shipping guide, to ensure that your sample is packed safely before shipping it to us, and to ensure that we have sufficient material to carry out your analysis. If you are unsure about how to package your specific sample, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will assist you.

Is it safe to send samples in the mail?

Small amounts that are packed properly will not pose a physical danger.
Please follow the correct packing procedure. Please note that we do not accept or analyze samples that pose a physical danger, such as radioactive or biological and biohazardous samples. Samples that are not packed correctly or contain physically unsafe materials will be discarded.In particular if you wish to analyze plants and fungi, then please ensure that the sample is fully dried or packed in an airtight container.

Is it legal to have my sample analyzed?

We understand that analyzing a controlled substance can be a concern for some. This is why following best practices such as packing your sample safely and correctly as well as protecting your personal information is strongly advised. In Spain, where we perform the analyses, it is not a crime to scientifically analyze small quantities of controlled substances, and we operate under this model. Therefore, the analysis of your sample is not a crime.
However, we cannot guarantee the legality under the local laws of your country. You are responsible for researching these yourself to be completely safe. In order to help you to be safe our service is set up to be 100% anonymous. We do not need your personal information to carry out an analysis and you may pay for the service using crypto currencies.

Do I need to give my personal information and is my information protected?

You do not need to give your personal information if you do not wish to do so. Kykeon’s analytical service is set up to be 100% anonymous. If you do choose to give your personal information, for instance if you pay with credit card then we guarantee the protection of your information under the following privacy policy. The results of your analysis are also protected under this policy.

Can you perform custom analyses?

Yes! We are happy to perform a custom analysis for your sample. If you would like us to do a custom analysis for your sample, for instance doing a specific NMR or mass spectrometry experiment, or if you want us to follow a specific extraction procedure or quantify a specific minor alkaloid in a plant, then please don’t hesitate to contact us with your request. We always strive to find solutions for each user’s specific needs and we are always happy to expand the analyses that we offer.

Can you test samples in bulk?

Yes. If you wish to have more than 10 samples analyzed then we suggest that you contact us to arrange for the analysis. For bulk order we also offer a discounted analysis price depending on the number of samples you wish to have tested.

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