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At Kykeon Analytics we are constantly monitoring the online markets in order to detect adulterants, impurities and novel compounds that may pose a risk to users.

HOW we monitor the market

We purchase all samples anonymously as a normal user would. We do this in order to avoid the vendors sending their better substances that are not representative of the quality of other substances they sell to normal users.

WHO do we purchase from

The choice of vendors is varied, and is in part random, but also we try to monitor a mixture of popular vendors as well as those selling more obscure products. We also constantly keep an eye for reviews online and try to acquire products from shops that have negative reviews too, in order to detect if they are indeed selling adulterated or contaminated products as users claim.

Absolutely NO collaboration with vendors!

If you are a vendor interested in having us publish results of your samples, we will NOT work with you nor publish results of your shop, to avoid any conflict of interest. Vendors could potentially pay for our analytical services anonymously as any other normal users, but we will not publish the results and therefore they won´t be able to use our results as any type of advertisement.

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