Health Alert: Etomethazene in Gidazepam Sample

Health Alert:
Nitazene analogue found in Gidazepam Sample


In our market monitoring work, we have detected a sample with a nitazene analogue and an unknown substance sold as a benzodiazepine.

We recently acquired a sample purported to be Gidazepam, but laboratory results revealed that the product contains Etomethazene and an unknown substance instead.

About Gidazepam

Gidazepam is an anxiolytic medication of the benzodiazepine class, used to treat anxiety and related disorders. It is authorized in Ukraine and Russia under the name Gidazepam IC®.

What is known about etomethazene

A sample of supposed Gidazepam

Type of Substance: Synthetic opioid in the subcategory of 2-benzylbenzimidazoles, also known as "nitazenes." These are potent analgesics invented in the research laboratories of the Swiss pharmaceutical CIBA in the late 1950s, although etomethazene has no currently known legitimate uses (INCB).

Effects: Analgesia, euphoria, sedation.

Dosage: The dosage is not clearly defined and cannot be adequately assessed based on anecdotal information.

Risks: As with other opioids, overdose can cause severe respiratory depression, loss of consciousness, and death. The risk of overdose increases when mixed with other depressants like benzodiazepines and alcohol.

Identification: Identified by UNODC in 2022 and placed under intensive monitoring by EMCDDA in January 2023.

Additional Risks: The sample also contains an unidentified substance whose effects and risks are unknown. According to EMCDDA, the online marketing of new opioids mis-sold as falsified (fake) medicines, like this case, is a concerning trend. Therefore, it is crucial to verify the pharmaceuticals purchased online to avoid serious health risks.

In any case, we recommend avoiding the purchase of this substance from this vendor and analyzing your substances to avoid risks. Lastly, visit our results and scams section to stay informed about possible scams and alerts.

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