We started Routine Analysis and building our Database

We started Routine Analysis and building our Database


Finally: we have almost finished to set up our new laboratory in Spain!

Unboxing of our new 100 Mhz benchtop NMR.
Unboxing of our new 100 MHz benchtop NMR.

This also means that we have started routine analysis of all the Research Chemicals and Novel Psychoactive Substances out there. First results and FT-IR spectra have been added to our database (check out our published results). For all the entries we have published and will publish in the future, the Raw data is available upon request – please contact us at mail@kykeonanalytics.com !

In the meantime we are also still in the process of setting up the rest of our analytical equipment: we just unboxed our brand new benchtop NMR and our HPLC-MS will be installed in the upcoming weeks as well. So, we will be able to provide full analytical reports including quantitative data of our samples very soon!

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