Analysis of Ethnobotanicals

Analysis of Ethnobotanicals

Analyses of ethnobotanicals as ayahuasca, iboga

Analysis of B. caapi and T. iboga

We started to analyse plant material and readily sold extracts of ethnobotanicals --- check out our latest results. We not only identify and quantify the minor and mayor active compounds, but also aim to provide spectral fingerprints as means of unique species identifiers.

We try to establish spectral and chromatographic databases (FT-IR, TLC, 1H NMR), that not only help in identifying unknown plant material but also will provide insights in its geographic origin.

The initial analysis of ethnobotanicals have been done using TLC only, which can be used for reference for those testing at home with this technique, but expect the addition of LC-MS, FTIR and NMR results soon.
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