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Located in Catalonia, Kykeon Analytics´ lab is equipped with state of the art technology in analytical chemistry in order to offer a high quality service to the scientific community as well as to the general public. Our diverse team is composed of professionals from a diverse range of backgrounds such as analytical chemistry, pharmaceutical biology, mathematics, IT, psychology and education. Together we not only aim to become a renowned reference for analytical services regarding (novel) psychoactive substances and ethnobotanical plant preparations, but as well offer training of professionals in the field in order to improve harm reduction worldwide. We use the following analytical techniques to carry out our services:


Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy is a powerful characterisation tool for an analytical chemist to have at her hands. The recent evolution in benchtop NMR technology facilitates the access for smaller laboratories to a traditionally prohibitively costly and logistically complex technology . In conjunction with computational techniques such as QMSA (Quantum Mechanical Spectral Analysis), low-field benchtop NMR instrumentation is a potent ally in the identification and quantification of unknown compounds. With our Nanalysis Pro100MHz NMR we are able to run all common types of 1D and 2D experiments (1H and 13C) to effectively assess molecular structures of small molecules.

Nanalysis Pro100MHz NMR instrument

Chromatographic separation of compounds in tandem with mass spectrometry (LC-MS) is the “gold standard” in analytical chemistry. Equipped with an Agilent triple-quadrupole LC-MS, at Kykeon Analytics we are able to offer reliable results and detect even the smallest impurities and adulterations that might pose a health risk to people worldwide. Our validated methods provide accurate and reproducible qualitative and quantitative results. After acquisition we apply a database driven approach using specialized software tools to help interpreting and organizing the analytical information before its publication.

Agilent triple-quadrupole LC-MS instrument at Kykeon Analytics

Our two Nicolet IS5 and IS10 FTIR (Fourier-transform infrared) spectrometers complement our other analytical techniques. Modern ATR-based infrared spectroscopy is a non-destructive analytical method that requires none to minimal sample preparation. This enables us to quickly gather characteristic structural information, and even direct identification of the samples being tested: Unknown compounds can be reliably identified when their measured FTIR spectra are matched against spectra in our in-house databases. Chemometrics and similar statistical data evaluation methods enable untargeted metabolomics analysis of unknown mixtures and provide a tool to discriminate between different (ethnobotanical) plant species, including their geographical origin.

Nicolet IS5 and IS10 FTIR spectrometers at our laboratory
Laboratory table with various scientific equipment

We are focused on analytically characterizing new chemical entities (NCE) using infrared spectroscopy, mass spectrometry and nuclear magnetic resonance techniques, metabolomics of complex biochemical mixtures as well as harm reduction education. We aim to build comprehensive quality spectral libraries of NCE, to provide frontline workers with the necessary tools required to identify novel substances and assist in the effort to help reduce the potential harm from these unknown compounds. As a public service our libraries are available free of charge to non-profit frontline organizations involved in this effort, such has harm-reduction organizations, public medical providers, law enforcement and scientific researchers.

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