selling dangerously mislabelled benzodiazepines: highly potent flubromazolam found selling dangerously mislabelled benzodiazepines:
highly potent flubromazolam found


Dangerous Mislabelling of Benzodiazepines

During our routine analysis we have detected a supposed Flubromazepam sample (#127) sold by , that has actually been identified as Flubromazolam.

While both substances are from the benzodiazepine class, they have a very different potency and safety profile.

Flubromazepam, the substance supposedly sold by this vendor, has a common dosage of 5-8 mg. It is noteworthy that Flubromazepam has quite a long duration of up to 12 hours.
Flubromazolam, on the other hand, the real substance detected in the sample, has a common dosage of 150 - 250 μg, 32x more potent than Flubromazepam! It has an even longer duration of up to 18 hours!

The risk of a fatal overdose is very high: fatal or near-fatal overdoses have already been described in dosages as low as 3 mg (Łukasik-Głebocka et al 2015)

structure of Diclazepam

Another sample (#125) that was sold as Diclazepam was also found to be adulterated with Flubromazolam containing a mixture of those two benzodiazepines. the risk potential of such a mixture can only be speculative and human consumption is strongly discouraged.

Please also note that mixing benzodiazepines with other CNS depressants (other benzodiazepines, opiates, alcohol, barbiturates, GABAergic substances etc) increases the risk of fatal overdoses.

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